After a 25-year career in the high tech and fast paced world of Silicon Valley, Starbuck replaced his coat and tie, and brief case, with an easel, and a palette.  He now is a full time, award-winning and published wildlife artist concentrating in the mediums of both oil and acrylic on canvas, linen and panel.  Starbuck is an outdoor and wildlife enthusiast. Whether he is painting the beauty of the Blue Ridge High Country, the splendor of his Down East lifestyle, or simply capturing the detail of an Eastern Blue Bird, his passion of the outdoors is evident in every painting that he does.

He strives to capture a slice of nature in lasting moments that can remind us of a special moment we’ve experienced or maybe help us anticipate an outdoor encounter which is yet to come.  

Starbuck was raised in Eastern Tennessee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  David and his wife, Michelle, now live in the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina.